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Gryphon Convertible Grinder

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Gryphon Convertible Grinder

Expanding on the idea of a grinder that can be used while sitting or standing, Gryphon has announced the second-generation convertible grinder.  The unique design allows the work surface to be positioned parallel to the table or a 30 degree slant.  In the slanted position, the work surface is angled towards the operator, which increases visibility and reduces fatigue.  The angled position is also very convenient for use while sitting.

This new grinder features an enclosed electric pump to deliver water reliably to the bit regardless of the orientation of the work surface.  The pump works automatically to deliver a stream of water to the bit whenever the grinder is on.  The pump can direct water to the standard bit or to the bit installed in conjunction with the included second story attachment. 

The new Gryphon Convertible Grinder come complete with everything needed to get to work immediately.  Two diamond grinding bits, a 1” diameter and a ¼” diameter, are included as is the second story work surface and the face shield.

The convertible grinder features a powerful DC motor that will handle the toughest jobs without slowing down.

PLEASE NOTE: Face sheild is packed in a protective sleeve and placed next to the grinder. While unpacking please be aware as the face shield can be missed as general packing materials and discarded.

Accessory Items:
Gryphon Slip-on Bit 3/4in Standard
Gryphon Slip-on Bit 1in Standard