Boroview 3.0 Glassworking Safety Glasses // Ed Hoy
Boroview 3.0 Glassworking Safety Glasses

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Plastic Glassworking Safety Glasses - BoroView 3.0

This pair of glasses are comfrotable and lightweight yet sturdy unifit nylon frame. Don't let the sharp-looking streamlined design fool . you, this frame is all function. Rubber nose pads and rubberized temple bars provide comfortable grip while the wrap around design ensures that your eyes are protected.

Technical Data
Phillips BoroView 3 & 5 lenses are designed to meet the need for the extra UV and IR protection needed when working on borosilicate glass. These lenses offer a revolutionary formulation designed to exactly meet the needs of those working with the harder, higher temperature of borosilicate glass. Phillips BoroView are specially formulated Polycarbonate filter lenses that Phillips Safety Products designed for the lampworking and glassblowing markets. This revolutionary product is greatly lighter than conventional laminated and glass products, and comes in a full coverage lens which is a higher quality design because there are no areas without shading. If you are working with smaller pieces, the BoroView 3 is for you. For larger pieces like candlesticks and statues, you will need the BoroView 5. BoroView’s should be worn when working on hard glass types where regular Phillips202/ACE or Polycarbonate Sodium Flare (SFP) Lenses are not adequate due to the fact of insufficient filtration of ultra violet and infra-red absorption.

  • Frame Color: Black
  • Frame Materials: Plastic
  • Frames Shapes: Wrap
  • Frame Type: Full-Frame
  • Filter Type: BoroView 3.0
  • Lens Color: Green
  • Lens Type: Full Glasses